O Educativi


Academia Educativa is a specialized institution for adult education and other types of education with a role and task to meet specific social needs of developmental, functional, basic and supplemental education and enhancement that are the result of individual needs and the needs of the society as a whole. This is achieved through a cycle of permanent education.

By its character, it represents informal, flexible and dynamic institution with the polyvalent functions and forms.

Through its programs, Educativa is open and oriented towards general users. It performs its activity through various spontaneous or focused, extensive or intensive way of work and transfer of knowledge and thereby is fulfilling different needs of social, cultural, entertaining, educational and sporting lives of people.

Program concept is based on quality and current programs: foreign languages, culture and art, sports, as well as on vocational enabling programs, body and beauty care programs, CIT and administrative programs.

Educativa is introducing new programs for professional enhancement of employees in the educational field; it participates in the projects of humanitarian and non-government institutions and organizations.

In essential developmental focuses it has as a goal quality training of students, both on the level of basic preparation for work and acquiring additional and supplementary knowledge, as well as on the level of additional professional enhancement. Educativa realizes very important role in acquiring new knowledge, raising the level of competence and in scientific and system approach through co-operation with many experts, institutes and higher level learning institutions.

In accordance with the law on classification of activities and the registry of sorting over units, Academia Educativa performs its activity in the fields of adult education and cultural activities.