Masinska struka


Chimney cleanner, burner cleanner, thermal equipment insulator, air conditioning servicer, compressor manipulator, blacksmith, blacksmith – welder, stocker, sheet metal worker, gas-energy and pneumo-energy equipment mechanic, civil engineering equipment mechanic, hydro-energy units and equipment (turbines) mechanic, measuring and regulating equipment masinac mechanic, agricultural equipment mechanic, mining equipment mechanic, steel surfaces painter, milling machine operator, lathe operator, central heating equipment installer, gas installations installer, precision mechanic, transportation process equipment operator, thermo-processor, plumber, tyre repairman, tyre-fitter, tyre-presser, etc.

Number of classes, duration and course realization schedule

Training program realization lasts 3 months with the number of classes of practical training lasting 240 hours and 64 hours of theoretical-consulting classes.

Subjects: vocation basics, vocation technology, work organization and work protection and practice.

Certification - Receiving Diplomas

After accomplishing curriculum and finishing training, the students are given final tests. Students who pass the final test receive diplomas and certificates for performing vocations for which they were trained and which they can perform independently under general and special terms according to the Law of private entrepreneurs and in a way as set by the special law for the individual vocations specified by the law on classification of activities and the registry of sorting over units.

Testing for certificate

If potential candidates work in specific vocations and do not have corresponding knowledge or certificate, Academia Educativa can organize testing of knowledge for the vocational training program with the relevant testing commission, if the candidate has a certificate that he has worked in the corresponding vocation for at least three months. After passing the test, a certificate is issued to the student that he is capable of independently performing activities in the corresponding vocation.