Academia Educativa has accredited programs for professional enhancement of the teachers, professional staff and directors for the school year 2010/2011 with the INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCING EDUCATION at the Ministry of Education.

1. Energy efficiency – air, water, bread of the 21st century

Catalog no. 163, elective

Authors: Professor Miloš Grujić and M.A. Miodrag Grujić

Topics: Energy introduction – definition, sections, the idea of energy; Non-renewable sources of energy – coal, oil, gas, nuclear fuels, shale and bituminous sands; Domestic potentials of non-renewable sources of energy; Renewable energy sources – biomass, biogas, wind energy, sun, water, seas and oceans, geothermal energy; Domestic potentials of renewable energy sources; Energy efficiency on the global level – world problem; Vulnerability and protection of the environment; Environment – international agreements, status and obligations of the Republic of Serbia; Energy efficiency in the households and buildings; Energy efficiency in public and commercial activities, transportation and industry; Energy efficiency on the individual level and on the level of smaller communities; Workshop: Defining energy efficiency measures for the given example.

Target group: teachers of Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Technical and CIT education in the elementary schools and professors of science subjects in High Schools and Middle Schools.

Duration: two days (16 hours)

2. Basic knowledge and new findings in endocrinology and diabetes

Catalog no. 272 obligatory

Authors: Professor and Doctor Predrag Đorđević, M. of Medical Science and Doctor Draško Gostiljac and Doctor Miroljub Ilić.

Topics: Structure, normal function and regulation; Pathological states and diagnostics; Therapy for the illnesses of endocrinology glands; Epidemiology and etiopathogenesis; Diagnostics and therapy for diabetes mellitus; Social and medical aspects of the mentioned illnesses.

Target group: Professors employed in Middle medical schools (general practitioners, doctors-specialists: for general medicine, internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, etc.)

Duration: two days (16 hours)

3. Infective illnesses and immunization

Catalog no. 276 elective

Author: Doctor Srđan Pašić

Topics: General approach principles towards infective patient; Measures and steps in taking care of the patient; Diagnostics and therapy for certain infections; Immunization and prevention of infections.

Target group: Professors employed in Middle medical schools (general practitioners, doctors-specialists: for general medicine, internal medicine)

Duration: two days (8 hours)

4. New findings in diagnostics and therapy for the cardiovascular illnesses

Catalog no. 281 obligatory

Author: Doctor Siniša Pavlović, Medical Faculty at the University of Belgrade , Pacemaker Center and Clinical Center of Serbia

Topics: New findings in diagnostics and therapy of cardiovascular illnesses

Target group: Professors in Middle Vocational Schools with medical orientation

Duration: one day (8 hours).

5. Prevention and early discovery of malignant illnesses

Catalog no. 282 obligatory,

Author: Master of Science and Doctor Ana Jovićević

Topics: The importance of malignant illnesses in our country and worldwide; Mode of occurrence of malignant illnesses (genesis of cancer); Diagnostics and treatment of malignant illnesses; Characteristics of the most-frequent malignant illnesses; Risk factors: smoking, diet, physical inactivity, alcohol, infections, hormone factors, X and UV rays, etc.); Influence of genetic factors in the occurrence of malignant illnesses; Possibilities of preventing malignant illnesses; The importance of early discovery of malignant illnesses; Screening programs; Activities for prevention and early discovery of malignant illnesses in our country (national programs, activities of non-government organizations and media); Active approach to safeguarding and improving health – societal and personal responsibility.

Target group: Health employees in the Middle medical schools.

Duration: one day (8 hours).

6. Trends in catering and confectioner vocations

Catalog no. 298 elective

Author: Professor Petar Gracun

Implementers: Professor Petar Gracun, professor Jordan Nastanović and professor Zoran Mišković.

Topics: Gastronomical innovations, Food and drink brands in Serbia, Attempt in introducing vocational names in ethno-gastronomic service offer; Work process in preparing finalized gastronomic products – using thermal and supplementary process of semi-prepared products; Confectionary and Bakery products; Preparing final gastronomic products – set of menus; Artistry.

Target group: teachers and professors in Middle vocational schools who teach the following subjects: Cooking, Confectionary vocation, Bakery vocation

Duration: three days (24 hours)