Administrativna zanimanja


Business secretary, typist, accountant, etc.

Accounting Course

Accounting course includes enabling students to manage business and financial books with using computers for accountants, calculating workers, treasurers and liquidators.

Course program includes theoretical and practical units that include: Financial Accounting, Goods Accounting, Material Accounting, Treasurer Accounting, VAT Record Keeping, Financial Reports,

Number of classes: 50, 25 classes on the computer, Duration: 4 months, Schedule: 1x4 classes

Business Secretary

Program includes blind typing on the computer, business English, orthography of Serbian language, official correspondence, secretarial work and business culture.

Duration: 4 months, Number of classes: 127


Program includes typing, work on PCs and business culture.

Duration: 3 months, Number of classes: 82

One-month typist course on computer

Program includes system of blind typing on the computer: typing with ten fingers, text formatting, official corresondence, Word

Duration: 1,5 months, Number of classes: 36